Monday, May 07, 2007

Nicole Richie Seeks Simplistic Life with Paris Hilton

Nicole Richie announced she wishes to patch up his disagreements with Paris Hilton and star with her in another season of The Simple Life”. When she learned that Paris is planning a 45 day stretch of simple jobs such as making license plates, sweeping floors, and cleaning toilets, Nicole reportedly became very jealous and wanted to be a part of this new series of challenging occupations. She is also amazed to learn that toilets need to be cleaned, as she thought all that flushing meant they were self-cleaning.

“Why is Paris getting all this publicity just because she’s going some new jobs? I don’t understand it”, Nicole questioned, adding “why Paris is even getting publicity for firing her publicist who got her this publicit? Why can’t I get a publicist willing to let me fire him for the publicity of it?” As if anyone cares, Nicole promptly fired her publicist.

When Nicole was informed that Paris would be performing these jobs at an exclusive location with very limited entrance, Nicole demanded to learn how she could be accepted into admission. When told it would involve her committing a crime, Nicole reportedly snorted some cocaine and became flustered because she doesn’t believe in breaking the law.

When overhearing on a passing boom box that there was a rally in Paris supporting the election of an admirer of the United States as its President, Nicole replied that she is glad that Ms. Hilton likes America, that she, too, is an admirer of the United States, and that she is glad that President Bush has also become an admirer of the United States. “America is a great country because they have airplanes that fly to France”, Ms. Riche explained. A police officer requested permission to arrest Nicole Richie for being so stupid until he realized that would only unite her with Paris Hilton.