Friday, June 30, 2006

Britney Spears to React to God's Death

God (beginning-2006) passed away yesterday, leading a man carrying a picket sign on Hollywood Boulevard to proclaim “see, I told you so.” With the recent passages of God along with Aaron Spelling, television insiders fear there are few creative sources left in Los Angeles.

God had a long but controversial career. Some movie executives recall him as a wrathful and revengeful while others stated He was kind and loving. His life was portrayed in numerous films by actors including George Burns. God most recently had a prominent role in the television series “Joan of Arc.” It is rumored that God’s health began failing after the CBS cancellation of that series. A close friend explained "God would read the paper, read about all the wars and hatred in the world, check the TV ratings, and then get depressed."

Tinseltown reacted with alarm to the news as the stock price for the Christian Broadcasting Network plummeted. Conversely, Fox Network stock rose sharply.

Close friend Pat Boone expressed sadness, recalling "I knew God. God was good. God was great," along with recollections that God provided much food. Madonna reportedly also knew God, but in a different manner than Pat Boone knew him, noting it was more a spiritual matter that only a few would understand. Britney Spears indicated she would be issuing a statement later in the day at a press conference that will be televised on NBC.

It is not immediately known if God had any surviving family. A publicist for God hinted that the movie “The DaVinci Code” may provide some information as to family members.

No details are available as to burial. Instead of flowers, God requested that people instead save the planet.