Monday, February 12, 2007

The Father of Anna Nicole Smith's Baby is Revealed

One of us at the Irrational Injurer is the father of baby (what’s the baby’s name anyway, anyone know? It would kind of make this article more authentic if someone would please tell us what the baby’s name is) of Anna Nicole Smith, the noted actress who ruined her career my marrying a more older man who then died on her, leaving her to fend for herself in this cruel world that finally engulfed her.

Since there is a one in three billion chance that two people have a DNA match, we’re taking those odds. So, we all wish to claim that we at the Irrational Injurer, including the females, are the father of the child. We wish to submit our DNA for testing, and we’re hoping for the best. Forget the lottery: this is the real jackpot.

We promise that most of us here will make good fathers (or mothers) of this child. Just don’t expect us to change any diapers.