Thursday, October 23, 2008

Klan Endorses Obama for President

Irving Bob Stonedwall, Grand Whizzer of the Divided Klans of America, today announced that half of us Klan membership will be voting for Barack Obama for President. “He’s half white, so it makes sense he will get half our votes”, His Imperial Whizzerdness explained. “Frankly, all this talk about us being racist is getting to be old hat. What we care about are our retirement accounts. We can’t take any more of these Republican economies.” When asked if this is a turnaround for past Klan priorities over social issues, Stonedwalled replied “look, on the social issues, we want a President and Vice President with stable and happy marriages. We look at the Republican ticket of adulterers, and say, hey, no way. We’re going with the team that knows how to live good clean stable Christian lives.”

Recent polling data indicates that Obama is receiving half the votes of NASCAR fans. Who knew he’d be do so well among Klan members?