Friday, October 28, 2005

Fox to Rerun World Series as a Yankees-Dodgers World Series

The recent White Sox-Astros World Series was the lowest rated World Series in baseball history. Fox TV executives are in a tailspin over the news that barely anyone in Chicago (who are mostly Cubs fans) was watching and that barely anyone in Houston (why watch baseball when there’s a good Texas high school game on) watched and that no one else in the rest of the country cared.

To recoup their financial losses, Fox executives are taking a lesson from their fair and balanced news department and announced they are going to make-up the World Series. The games will be rerun on Fox as a Yankees-Dodgers World Series. “Everyone knows that only ratings in L.A. and the Big Apple matter” explained Rupert, who described himself as a senior Fox executive from Great Britain. The World Series will be re-run exactly as played, only White Sox uniforms will be digitally changed into Yankees uniforms and Astros uniforms will be digitally changed into Dodgers uniforms.

Fox officials refuse to give a clue to the outcome, but, for our money, we’re taking the Yankees in four.