Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wilmer Valderrama and Lucy Liu Each Other!

Our sources, noting an unusual amount of activity involving wedding procedures and the comings and goings of people, allows us to be the first to break the news that Lucy Liu and Wilmer Valderrama have secretly married. Liu, whose previous relationships included being captured on film kissing Ally McBeal, and Valderrama, often shown dateless on television, apparently kept this relationship secret to all, a Hollywood rarity. Although perhaps Valderrama wed to gain a green card as it is hard for actors to prove they have steady employment and his television show is in its last season.

Our sources observed a Kabbalah wedding set up. Also observing attending were Demi Moore and her ex-husband Bruce Willis, leading us to speculate whether a reconciliation is in the works. Ashton Kutcher, Valderrama’s lesser known co-star, was reported seeing bringing a woman described as “looking like his grandmother”. Maybe someone punked him.