Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Truth Between the Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens Dispute

We have learned there is much more to the dispute between Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb and his prime receiver, Terrell Owens. Owens was critical of McNabb’s slow paced performance at the end of last year’s Super Bowl that gave the Eagles one touchdown but did not leave them with enough time to attempt a second touchdown, one that was essential for an Eagles victory.

“The final touchdown meant, while the Eagles didn’t win, they at least beat the point spread. To McNabb that’s all that matters”, according to a terribly drunk person with a gang-sounding nickname in a South Philadelphia bar who was assume he knew what he was talking about, “McNabb had a bunch of money riding on beating the point spread. Owens, now he took the Eagles winning outright. That was a sucker’s bet.” The gentleman claimed he personally say McNabb and Owens place their bets with Pete Rose.

One can only imagine the frustration in that Eagles huddle with McNabb trying to meticulously obtain the one touchdown to put the Eagles over the point spread while Owens was yelling for a hurry-up offense to try for two touchdowns which, though, being more risky might have meant the Eagles wouldn’t have scored any final touchdown. “McNabb did the right thing”, our source explained, “this way, everyone’s happy. New England gets to have their sissy parade and the right to display the Stanley Cup in Boston, while we in Philly get to collect all the gambling dough. At least we in Philly got our priorities right.”